Terms And Conditions

By signing this Service Agreement (Agreement), you certify that you are the rightful owner of the device, or are authorized to have the device repaired, and you agree to the following:


Price Estimate: The price estimate, based on the initial diagnostic, is an estimate only and is subject to change. __________

Time Estimate: The time quoted is an estimate only, and is subject to change. ___________

Diagnostic Fee: All diagnostics/repairs performed by SPR are subject to a nonrefundable pre-determined diagnostic fee. If the repair is successful the fee is waived. SPR cannot guarantee the device be returned in the same condition prior to any diagnostics/repairs.

Repair Warranty: Our hardware repairs are covered by a sixty-day parts and labor warranty. SPR will check, repair, and cover the cost of any issues related to the original repair/defective part during this period. The sixty-day parts and labor warranty is voided by physical damage, liquid damage, or tampering with/to the device after the device is picked up. If any issues are determined to be unrelated or pre-existing, SPR will discuss the options available.

Liquid Damage Warranty: SPR will check all issues and cover any related to the original repair itself. Issues related to liquid damage, not present during the original repair, will be subject to additional charges.

Third Party Warranty: SPR will not be responsible for any repairs/ diagnostics performed that may void any other warranties or insurance program you may have with another party.

Device Data: SPR does not back up any data on your device, and will not be liable for any data loss incurred due to repairs/diagnostics. Any software restores will be performed with consent only.

Discounted Repairs: SPR will provide discounted repeat repairs on all previously devices repaired by SPR.

Holding period: After being informed by SPR that your device is ready for pick up, SPR will hold your device for sixty days before recouping any repair costs. SPR is not liable for your device after this period.

Liability: Our entire liability in respect to any repair is limited to repairs or services provided by SPR. Under no circumstance will SPR be liable for any indirect, special or consequential loss arising out of or in connection with this Agreement.


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