Ways2Break- Left In Washing Machine

Left In Washing Machine
Life get’s hectic and sometimes multi tasking doesn’t work out as planned. Check out our website for helpful information on what to do when the unfortunate happens to your phone, www.smartphonerepaironline.com.
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Thanks to Becky Manning for doing a fabulous job! #ways2break #smartphonerepair #florencesc #tellyourstory

Ways2Break Fell Down Stairs

Fell Down Stairs

We hate when this happens! How many flights of stairs has your phone gotten aquainted with? Comment below and tell us your story!

Ways2Break- Fell out of Bed

Fell Out of Bed!

Not everyone has run over their phone with a lawn mower, but EVERYONE has had their phone fall off the bed!

The third video for our Ways2Break Contest!

Ways2Break- Run Over By Lawnmower!

Ran Over with Lawnmower!

Every break has a story and we are honored when we are able to give stories a happy ending. At Smart Phone Repair we have solutions for whatever life throws your way (or wherever life throws your phone).

The Second video for our Ways2Break Contest!

More to come in the following weeks!

Ways 2 Break- Dropped!

The first video for our new Ways2Break Contest! We’re really excited about this contest and can’t wait to show you what we have prepared. Check out a more complete list of rules and prizes Here

More to come in the following weeks!